How do I start composting if I’m already locked into a contract with my current waste removal company?
Check with your current company to see your contract allows for working with compost hauling companies or if you can alter your agreement for less trash to be collected. 

How much money can I expect to save? 
The economics of composting are different for every restaurant. The cost of composting depends on a number of factors including amount of waste produced, number of pickups per week, etc. In most cases, restaurants either save money or remain cost neutral. Contact compost valley to discuss your options.

Won’t compost smell or create an unpleasant environment for my employees or customers?
A frequent pickup schedule and the proper use of bags prevent compost from creating unpleasant odors. Speak with compost valley to discuss the appropriate pickup schedule that best suits your needs. In many cases, restaurants have their compost picked up almost every day of the week.

Can I compost if my dumpster or kitchen space is limited?
Since composting drastically reduces the amount of waste that goes to the landfill, you may be able to downsize your dumpster and the number of trash receptacles in the kitchen. This added space may be used for compost bins. Compost haulers may also be able to offer pickup 7 days per week to eliminate the need for outdoor storage.

I absolutely can’t fit compost bins outside my restaurant. Can I still compost?
Consider collaborative composting. If space is limited for a number of restaurants nearby, restaurants may share a common space to discard food waste and recycling. This is an efficient way to solve the needs of many restaurants. 

Are compostable products more expensive?
Purchasing compostable to-go containers, straws, napkins etc. can be comparable or slightly more expensive. The price of compostable trash bags, in particular, is often why some restaurants choose not to compost. However, as more restaurants start to demand these products, their prices continue to fall. Often times, savings from reduced dumpster pickups even out with the added costs of compostable products. Contact compost valley to determine whether or not bags are even required. 

Is food the only thing that can be composted?
No. Among other items that can be composted are paper, coffee filters, cotton rags, shredded newspaper, tea bags, fireplace ashes, cardboard rolls, and compostable products used in the restaurant such as corn-based cups, straws, or utensils.

Can I still compost if my customers are the ones who dispose of the food?
Yes. “To-go” style restaurants can compost too. This process requires clear signage instructing customers how to dispose of various items. The benefit of this approach is customer education. Many customers may be interested to learn more about composting themselves or may even choose to patronize your business more frequently because of the way you handle your waste responsibly.